We do not upload or host pictures, video or any of the gallery content contained within this blog, we acquire content freely available on photo sharing websites all credit goes to the photographers and their selective owners if you have copyright and wish for your content to be removed from this blog please contact zonehorror at googlemail.com remember to replace the 'at' with the '@' symbol or simple leave a comment on the gallery you would like removed and the content in question will be removed within 24 hours, All content is hosted elsewhere around the net, flickr, imagebam to name a few please contact these websites if you would like the content remove from the internet

We are not responsible for any copyright infringement as we do not host any of the content within this blog but we will remove copyright content when required to do so by the legal copyright owners of said content.
you are free to use share and copy any of the galleries within this blog as we do not own the content please mention us if you do use any of the galleries within this blog we love track backs and reciprocal links
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