Lindsay Lohan Officially Cast In Robert Rodriquez's 'Machete'

Actress' hints on Twitter confirmed by Variety. After Lindsay Lohan's last film grossed a not-so-whopping $7.5 million and she retreated to the comfort and relative anonymity of a TV-movie, it was beginning to look like the former teen starlet's glamorous career had ground to a halt. But Robert Rodriquez has given her another shot at the big screen.

As Lohan tweeted this week, and Variety confirmed on Thursday (August 6), the 23-year-old actress will appear in Rodriquez's upcoming film, "Machete." The movie is an expansion of a fake trailer that appeared within his 2007 flick, "Grindhouse."

"Lindsay's cool," Rodriguez told MTV News at Comic-Con last month. "There's actually a cool part in the movie for her — if she takes it."

It seems she did. Earlier this week, Lohan hinted on her Twitter account that her new blond hair was for a film role. Later, linking to the "Machete" page on, she wrote, "Something was made official today!!!!!!!!!"

The original trailer follows the story of a Mexican immigrant nicknamed Machete (Danny Trejo) who is hired to assassinate a U.S. senator, only to be double-crossed and nearly killed himself. Machete ends up seeking revenge on his enemies by kidnapping the senator's family and slicing, stabbing and blowing up every bad guy he can find.

At Comic-Con, Rodriguez, who is co-directing the film with Ethan Maniquis, told us that thus far he'd only cast Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez. But the casting process proceeded swiftly, and production began this week. The Variety report does not indicate which supporting role Lohan will have, but it seems possible she'll play the corrupt senator's daughter.

Joining Lohan, Trejo and Rodriguez, according to the magazine, is an eclectic cast of current and former Hollywood heavyweights: Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Cheech Marin and Don Johnson.

"These things come together very quickly," Rodriguez said at the Con. "I was thinking it had to live up to the trailer, because the trailer was so well received. But [the script] far surpassed the trailer."

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